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vision and mission


We envision a world where every person has the opportunity and guidance to:

  • Empower themselves to become their best self in any circumstance and life stage

  • Discover meaning and purpose in their everyday lives

  • Experience the 7 Healing Attitudes of: Peace, Compassion and Kindness, Mission and Purpose, Forgiveness and Healing, Gratitude, Joy, and Love.


Our mission is two-fold:

  1. To guide individuals toward fulfilling whole, balanced lives of unique significance and purpose. Outcomes of this mission include: 

    • Personal Growth 

    • Whole-person Well-being

    • Inner Integrity and wholeness

    • Authentic Relationships with Self, Others and Source of Spiritual Strength

    • Life Purpose

    • Choosing with Confidence

    • Help People to "Become Your Best to Give Your Best"

  2. ​​To guide elders and their families toward well-being during time of:

    • Loneliness/Isolation/Despair

    • Transition

    • Grief and Loss

    • Desire for New Meaning Potentials. 

    • Outcomes include:

      • Healing Connections with Others/Belonging

      • Meaning-Making of Past and Present Experiences

      • Hope and Well-being In Any Circumstance

      • Experiencing Dignity and Worth

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