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personal mentoring

​This offering is a solution for those who are interested in speaking with a Mentor aside from taking the THRIVING FROM WITHIN® program. These mentor sessions are aimed to help with concerns such as, but not limited to:

  • Changes or transitions in life and work

  • Moving through grief and loss

  • Pandemic trauma, burnout recovery and healing

  • Life meaning and purpose discoveries

  • Values alignment

  • Self-understanding

  • Personal growth/spiritual direction


Not sure if Personal Mentoring is the right option for you? Contact us! We offer a free 30-Minute Initial Consultation Session to discuss your needs and how we might be of service to assist you.

What is Mentoring?

To us, mentoring is a blend of guidance, coaching, and counseling. This is an important paradigm shift in the supporting professions. THRIVING FROM WITHIN® is not therapy, but the results are therapeutic. We focus exclusively on your life situation, and we teach you to apply the elements of THRIVING FROM WITHIN® in a way that is both empowering and life-changing for you.

book your session today!

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