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Core Beliefs and Values


  • ​Inclusivity: Our mission and work are applicable to every human being, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender/gender orientation, or ability. We welcome all and serve everyone.

  • Kindness: We treat everyone with dignity and respect in every circumstance.

  • Moral Integrity: Whether it be toward our employees, contractors, clients or community, striving to engage openly and honestly is fundamental to how we operate.

  • Courage: Upholding our values as an organization requires courage, especially in the world we live in today which seems full of “easy buttons” at every turn. We are committed to remaining grounded in our values so that we can serve our community to the highest standard possible.

  • Authenticity: We are human beings first, and while we show up each day in sometimes imperfect ways, we continuously work towards learning and growth. 


  • ​Every human being is endowed with inherent dignity and worth. We welcome all.

  • Love is the ultimate purpose of life. We endeavor to embody this in all we do.

  • Discovering meaning and purpose is essential to well-being.

  • Well-being is four-dimensional: body, mind, heart and soul.

  • On-going self-care, growth and renewal is essential to empower those who serve others to remain vital, effective and well.

  • Whole-being integrity and personal formation programs are essential to building a moral society of service, compassion and fairness.

  • We rely on the timeless wisdom, and power, of the human spirit.

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