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Nancy Markham Bugbee, PsyD-c, MBA, BCC CoFounder, CEO, Faculty

  • Is a Board Certified Clinical Chaplain

  • Lives her passion to help others find meaning and purpose in their lives in any circumstance through the power of the human spirit

  • Developed the THRIVING FROM WITHIN ® model over 20 years of study and practice

  • Practices self-care by spending time in relationship with the sacred, being inspired by stories she hears, and caring for her family


Kate Hoffmann, MRE, MSW, LCSW Chief Program Officer, Faculty

  • Finds meaning and purpose in supporting those in the service of others

  • Appreciates how the THRIVING FROM WITHIN ® model shows individuals how to incorporate spirituality in their lives, work, and interactions with others.

  • Practices self-care and renewal by playing with her grandchildren, reading, hiking, and taking time for herself


Andrew C. Bugbee Director of Marketing and Outreach

  • Passionate about bringing to light the power of meaning and purpose

  • Community liaison for programs and offerings related to the Institute for Life & Care

  • Loves to network with individuals and organizations seeking a higher level of resilience for their personal and professional lives



Kelby Cotton, MDiv,

Faculty, Emeritus


Barbara Dalberg, PhD,

Faculty, Emerita


Kae L. Madden, MA,

Faculty, Emerita


Mary Ann Van Buskirk, Emerita

Faculty, Emerita


Ginger L. Charles, PhD, Wilton, CA

Spirituality and Law Enforcement Expert

Author, "Leadership Resilience: Lessons from the Frontline of Policing"


Helen G. Drinan, Boston, MA

President, Simmons College


Charlotte R. Gillespie, Denver, CO

AV Hunter Trust


Frank W. Gold, Denver, CO

Exempla Lutheran Medical Center


Nerine Gregerson, MD, Auckland, New Zealand

Epigeneticist, Diplomate in Logotherapy


Harold G. Koenig, MD, Durham, NC

Director, Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health, Duke University

Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Duke University

Associate Professor of Medicine, Duke University


Lori Moore, PhD, Dallas, TX

Motivational Speaker, Former Judge


Wayne Muller, Albuquerque, NM

Author, Therapist


Terri Rupert, CPA, Denver, CO

Hanson & Co.


Charles J. "Chuck" Stephens, D.O., MDiv, Colorado Springs, CO

Board Certified Addictions Physician


Victoria Sweet, MD, San Francisco, CA

Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California at San Francisco

Author, God's Hotel, Slow Medicine


Melvin R. Warriner, MDiv, Denver, CO

Business Executive, Consultant


Robert J. Wicks, Psy.D. West Chester, PA

Pastoral Psychotherapist, Author


John Zabawa, Evergreen, CO

CEO Seniors Resource Center (Ret.)