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THRIVING FROM WITHIN®: The Guidebook invites individuals to dip their toe into the transformative power of the THRIVING FROM WITHIN® model with this guided journal and begin to experience the power of inner well-being. This Guidebook asks individuals to be the hero of their own journey through answering twenty questions about their life story. Designed to be a beginner's introduction to the 3-part THRIVING FROM WITHIN® journey, individuals will become more aware of their authentic selves, their signature strengths, and their path toward a more meaningful life.


Included with this purchase is a Journey Guide with instructions for how best to engage with The Guidebook. In essence, it is recommended to spend ~15 minutes/day with The Guidebook to participate in the self-reflection exercises. Using this approach, one can expect to move through The Guidebook in ~20 days.


To purchase this digital Journey Guide, add the item to your cart and purchase. Your purchase includes a PDF file of The Guidebook, a Word Document (docx) file containing just the exercises that you can print if you like, and a PDF file containing a recommended Journey Plan for how to engage with The Guidebook.

THRIVING FROM WITHIN®: The Guidebook - Digital (PDF)

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