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You recieve 3 personalized mentoring sessions with Dr. Nancy Markaham Bugbee, PsyD, MA, MBA, BCC in the Level 2 package.


In Level 2, we journey inward through each sector of the model towards well-being. Building on level 1, we learn to grow and heal, past and present. We do this through:

•Exploring the pathways that lead us to well-being.

•Identifying the barriers that can keep us from being and giving our best.

•Identifying key movements towards well-being.


Level 2 is beneficial in exploring the question:

What is life asking of me?

*A prerequisite: completion of Level 1


THRIVING FROM WITHIN® Level 2  is accredited by the National Assosciation of Social Works for 20 continuing education units. 

THRIVING FROM WITHIN® Level 2 Hybrid Package

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