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You recieve 2 personalized mentoring sessions with Dr. Nancy Markaham Bugbee, PsyD, MA, MBA, BCC in the Level 1 package.


Course Description:

In Level 1 we begin a journey to understand ourselves and our life circumstances by reflecting on twenty aspects of everyday life. We move in an ordered fashion around the model, learning the basic elements: Core Identity, Cultural Self, Crisis/Change, Transition, Point of Choice, ReVision, Core Beliefs, Relationships, Meaning, Suffering, Hope, ReCreation, Peace, Compassion and Kindness, Mission and Purpose, Healing and Forgiveness, Gratitude, Joy, Love/Well-being. Participants are able to learn to adopt a greater sense of meaning and purpose which can lead to resilience and personal growth.


Level 1 explores the following question:

Who am I?


THRIVING FROM WITHIN® Level 1 is accredited by the National Assosciation of Social Works for 20 continuing education units. 

THRIVING FROM WITHIN® Level 1 Hybrid Package

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