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Who we are

The Institute for Life & Care is an educational nonprofit organization. We work with individuals and groups who are searching for a balanced, meaningful way of living. Our model, THRIVING FROM WITHIN®: A Blueprint For Living With Meaning and Purpose, is a powerful clinical tool that guides participants through their life journey, helping them to flourish in all aspects of self (body, mind, heart and soul), and in all seasons of their life. Drawing from THRIVING FROM WITHIN®, we offer books and monographs on a variety of topics that promote healing and compassion. We also offer online classes and in-person workshops designed to meet the needs of busy professionals and non-professionals alike. Continuing education credits are available.


our history

The Institute for Life & Care has served the greater Denver and Colorado community since 2007. Our original focus was supporting family and professional caregivers within their agencies to prevent compassion fatigue and burnout, and we successfully partnered with many local organizations to provide resilience training and whole-person care for their staff. Over time, we realized that our programs are more impactful when directed to the individual, rather than organizations, and we currently offer a variety of group workshops, individual classes and written materials for both professionals and non-professionals. Our model, THRIVING FROM WITHIN®: A Blueprint For Living With Meaning and Purpose, provides an integrative approach to wellness and quality of life that helps individuals flourish in body, mind, heart and soul in any role in life, in any stage of life.