Institute for Life & Care

About Us


About Us


Institute for Life & Care is recognized internationally among the leading education centers promoting the importance to wellness and quality of life of living with meaning and purpose.



The mission of the Institute for Life & Care is threefold.

1. To educate, inspire, and guide people in any circumstance or season of life.

2. To offer an original model, THRIVING FROM WITHIN®: A Blueprint for Living with Meaning and Purpose to the general public as a personal growth process.

3. To encourage people to live whole, balanced lives of meaning and purpose.

guiding principles

Every person has innate dignity and worth, and everyone is welcome at Institute for Life & Care. Looking through the lens of meaning and purpose builds inner strength and changes lives. Compassion and caring for each other are keys to wellness and quality of life. Spirituality – a central human need – transforms life experiences from ordinary to extraordinary


Institute for Life & Care is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit education organization. Our mission is made possible through the generosity of community leaders.