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Welcome to the Institute for Life & Care

where passion becomes purpose

Take the first step toward a fulfilling life today

learn how to:

  • Fulfill a meaningful life of purpose and impact

  • Become your best "whole" self personally and professionally.

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what you gain

  • Personal Growth Guidance through a proprietary model called THRIVING FROM WITHIN®. Our model is grounded in meaning-centered psychology, science-backed approaches to well-being, and evidence-based care for Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.

  • Fulfillment of a whole and balanced life of significance and purpose

  • Strengthened relationships with yourself, others, and something greater than yourself

  • Guidance during transitions and healing from setbacks or burnout.


About Us

At the Institute for Life & Care, we believe in taking an individualized approach to caring for the whole person body, mind, heart and soul. Our proprietary model, THRIVING FROM WITHIN® was created to help you achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life.

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What Participants are saying

"This program changed my life. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of living."

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